ACHHOOO! ~silence~ Meh…whatevs…

Let me say this once, and I’ll never mention it again.

My office is filled with mucousy, sniffling, sneezing idiots. I’ve stopped saying “Bless You” because it’s all I’d ever say each day. I swear…it’s the most disgusting display of hayfever and colds ever known to man.

Maybe I’m being a bitch, but FUUUUUCK ME!!!!! They sneeze every Goddamned 5 minutes. I only WISH I could record the sleezeball that sits on the other side of my cubicle so that you could WITNESS the juicy nature of the sounds of his sneeze.

Oh…and then there’s the 5′ blonde chick who sneezes like a fucking CAR ALARM – but curiously enough, she does it on purpose, because she doesn’t do it when there isn’t anyone around to impress with her “cuteness”.

There’s nothing wrong with a middle of the road sneeze maybe once a week, but we are talking about sneeze after sneeze after sneeze and it’s like I’m SURROUNDED BY SNOT AND FLYING SPITTLE!

It’s not that I don’t want to “bless” these people. But…it’s just…I don’t want to waste my blessings *on* them. They get ONE PER DAY. Use it wisely.


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