Oh! Adeeeeelllleee…NOW I get it…

So, I previously reported that “I don’t *get* that whole Adele craze thing” and well…I decided to do a bit of soul searching and with the help of the Grammy’s broadcast a couple weeks ago..I have the following to report:


Yep. I get it. I sat there like the rest of you – way past my bedtime – and watched The Grammy’s. Pretty much in shock about Whitney leaving us…especially since she seemed almost like her old self – in a much more healthy place. But no one ever talks about THAT, now do they? I DIGRESS…

So before the whole Whitney Houston thing exploded the day before the Big Show, Adele and her first public singing gig since her throat surgery was all everyone was talking about. And, you know, I’ve heard her music before. I have a 15 year old. It’s not like I could have avoided it even if I wanted to. The thing is…I just never really listened or cared to listen.

There I sat. Waiting. And then it happened. I started bawling my fucking eyes out. She sounded great! And you know what I thought was even cooler than her sounding great? The fact that she KNEW she sounded great when she got done and giggled and kinda screamed/squealed like a little girl. Kinda like she was all:


And when she was done – she looked out at the crowd – who were standing on their feet applauding her like it was a farewell performance – and for a split second, I thought she was gonna bust out a SNL skit and mimic Taylor Swift – but she just stood there – taking in the moment. She was soaking it up. Full of grace.

After that, I wiped the snot from my nose and wiped all the mascara from my face (ala. Tammy Faye Bakker style) realizing I had just watched Grammy History in the making. I was there when Michael Jackson moon-walked across the stage to Billy Jean and I saw Adele sing the comeback song of her life. Right there.

And then there was Jennifer Hudson who sang I Will Always Love You in honor of Whitney. Amazingly difficult. She poised herself and knew she had a job to do. Another “ugly cry” moment for me. She knocked it outta the park, too.

At this point, I figured the night wasn’t going to get much better, so I packed my ass upstairs and went to bed.

So, I’m a late bloomer to this whole Adele thing…EXCUUUUUUUSE ME!!!! But I’ve seen the error in my ways and now I’ll jump on board…if you think there’s room. Scootch over, would ya? K thanks.


4 thoughts on “Oh! Adeeeeelllleee…NOW I get it…

  1. christine says:

    Wildly, I had the exact same Adele experience (minus the tears). I had never heard her live, and didn’t even really know which songs were hers. I just knew she was a big star, and was supposed to be genuinely fab.

    Well, I thought her voice was phenomenal. Her performance and presence were beautiful. And her GRACE. You hit the nail on the head. It was with grace that she accepted that room full of admirers. Not feigned modesty. Not arrogance. Pure, confident, beautiful grace. She gained a fan in me that night. Brava, Adele. Brava.

  2. Krystal Rose says:

    Well, it’s about fuckin’ time I’d say! The girl is AMAZING! Also, I couldn’t agree more about Jennifer Hudson’s performance. She killed it! Great post!

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