Egg McMuffins and The Bloggess

So I’m hungry – sitting at my desk at work. I’m thinkin, “Gee…I sure am hungry. I could really go for an Egg McMuffin!”

Typically I go for a bag of Doritos or M & M’s…something nutritionally substantial…BUT, NOT TODAY! NO SIRREEBOB!

I tell the boss to cover the phones and I dash out the door to my trusty steed – okay, it’s an xB…just work with me here… – and OFF I GO!

I come back and start to chow down on my REALLY HEALTHY breakfast snacks and ~CRUNCH~!


Just my friggin luck. A damn egg shell in my motherfuckin Egg McMuffin.

So I get on Facebook to bitch about the eggshell and what do I see? I see my most FAVORITE BLOGGER ON PLANET EARTH showing as though she’s ONLINE in my little friends list thingy just sitting there like she wanted to hear about my eggshell mishap. I resisted the urge to open up a chat window to start a random conversation with her, and instead posted a status message saying that I saw her over there and if she had any great words of wisdom to help me get through the day. To my dismay – she probably got the stalker vibe from me because she saw that I tagged her in my status message and POOF she was gone. In a glorious invisible mushroom cloud.

At that SAME EXACT MOMENT that she disappeared, she posted a new blog post and I clicked on that link FAST AS A SUNNUVABITCH so that I could perhaps be the first to comment….only to settle for #19 by the time I clicked the submit button to post my comment. I mean….that shit was up for like 32 seconds, man! ARG!

So here I sit…blogging about my favorite blogger…and also about eggshells in my Egg McMuffin. And the only thing I can think of now is…………………………please pass the delicious McDonald’s Hashbrown.


One thought on “Egg McMuffins and The Bloggess

  1. I enjoyed the desperation and intense longing for acceptance. V

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