Learning how to drive – lessons from the back seat.

Last night, my husband and daughter went to an Italian restaurant for one of the neighborhood kids fundraisers. Super yummy meal. Hubby had a couple glasses of wine while I stuck with my water and soda. After we paid our bill and were walking out to our car, I asked if I should drive us home and hubby said, “Yeah…good idea.” So I hopped in the drivers seat and decided to take the long way home.

We are lucky enough to live near the Puget Sound, so I thought it would be nice to drop down by the waterfront on the way home. When I get to the area that would take us down to the water, all the roads are closed for construction. Crap. Shit. Damn. OH WELL! We’ll just drive through all the side streets we can until we get home. Always good to have a “Plan B” I suppose.

While traveling through the side streets of Tacoma, we’re taking in all the humongous houses and bumpy roads and as we’re driving by, I decided to pull into a High School Parking Lot and pulled into a parking space, turned around and asked my daughter if she wanted to drive a little bit.


I’ll take that as a yes. A rather ear bleeding yes, but a yes, just the same.

I hopped out of the car and she hopped out and ran over to the driver’s seat. Since hubby was riding shotgun (and under the influence of 2 glasses of wine) I asked him if he wanted me to sit next to her…his response? “*hic* NOPE! I’ve got this.” (OKAY – I embellished a little with the “*hic*” part…but still) To which I responded, “This probably isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had…but OKAY!” and I sat in the back seat.

You see – the thing about my husband is this – he doesn’t know how to communicate. He’ll just sit there…and then be all, “No, no,, no…just go easy.” Or, “Just like my friend at work says, “KEEP IT MOVIN'” – like…uh…JUST go EASY on WHAT, exactly?!?!? AND KEEP WHAT MOVING?!?!?! Go easy on the “gas” apparently and keep “your head” moving…as in – look in your mirrors and over your shoulder…only thing is…neither Katie nor myself, know the common sentences that his friend from work always says so that kind of reference makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER DRIVEN A $20K CAR BEFORE!!!

And when you say something to him about it, he was all, “Katie knows what I mean…”…all I can think is, “You’re being a drunk-tard right now. Shut up. I’m taking over.” but instead I say, “If you have something to tell her, VERBALIZE THAT SHIT! We can’t read your mind!” Which is my argument 99% of the time in our house. BUT I DIGRESS!

So we drove around the parking lot for about 45 minutes and she did great. We tried parking in a few parking spaces. We got her accustomed to the brake and the gas and she did pretty well. A little jerky and needs to work on her finesse, but I’m proud of her! She did a great job!

The best part? When she parked the last time and I got out to get back into the drivers seat, she gave me the BIGGEST HUG!! Talk about making a Mom’s heart all squishy…YEESH! I think I’ll savor that one for awhile…Lord knows how long it will last or how many of them I will get over the next 3 years or so.


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