Co-Workers and Aneurysms.

I seriously need to just get rid of this asshead at work, if at all possible.

Seriously, spellcheck…when are you going to learn the word “ASSHEAD”?!

At what point do you become uncool for holding information that could be bad news for your Employer? Asshead is seriously stepping over the line when it comes to his duties and I’m not sure I can go along with it much longer.

The issue here is the infractions that are happening aren’t against me, per se, but against other employees, who feel that they can come to ME about these issues, and in listening to their explanations, I’m realizing that what is transpiring could be EXTREMELY bad for this company. I try to steer them in the direction of talking to the owners…it’s just a small office, there’s no hierarchy to worry about here…but the thing is…if the owners don’t think that the infractions are an immediate threat and don’t take action, I’m gonna get ALL JUDGEMENTAL UP IN HERRRR…and let’s face it…there’s not enough room in these sassypanties for being all judgy too…

I don’t like the way he’s treating other employees and now I don’t like what I hear he’s been telling certain employees about what is deceitful plans are. My dad built this company up over 25 years and before he died he sold it to a man he thought would be able to enjoy it and share in and continue its success. I feel obligated to have a discussion. But what I’d really like, is to give these employees enough encouragement that they would step up and do what is right. If I go to the owners, and none of these things truly happened to me, but to others. I’m only stricken by things that could bring the company down as a whole and things that are being done to manipulate the new owners. I feel like if the employees aren’t sticking up for their best interests – even when encouraged to do so head-on – then that’s their own fault. I don’t like to “gossip” – and tend to shut down to people who DO gossip and basically tell them to deal with the person directly or talk to their boss when situations arise…but this is much bigger.

The dilemma I have exists in how long I should wait before I say something to them to get the dialogue going so that these things surface. It’s quite an internal struggle I’m dealing with. Why should I even get involved? Because this is (was) my Dad’s business…we have a reputation in our industry as the AUTHORITY in our field. I’m not about to let some asshead destroy that because the new owner isn’t observant enough to not let him walk all over his employees.

Ugh. Comments welcome.


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