Shits Gonna Hit the Fan…

It seems that this blog has turned into my personal PISS AND MOAN ABOUT WORK BLOG. Exciting, isn’t it?

So, ASSHEAD is at it again. I almost can’t stomach being in his presence. After “collaborating” with him for 13 minutes and 43 seconds yesterday I was ready to find the nearest Jersey Barrier and drive head-on into it. After asking me what my ideas were…OF COURSE…in true ASSHEAD FORM, when I was finished he said, “Yeah…I’ve been thinking about adding these items already.” REALLY ASSHEAD?! REALLY?!?!

THEN, after a co-worker heard me in there talking to him, she came to me via FB chat and told me that he shared with her that he’s going to “punish” the owners of the company by basically forcing them to give him more money because he’s going to make them think he’s looking for another job. My fingers typed, “Oh snap!” my brain was all…”INCOMMING!!!!!!! DUCK FOR COVER!!!!!!! *whistling soooouunnnnddddd….* KABLOOEY!!!!!!!!” Yeah…that’s the sound of my brain exploding from possible hatred.

So here I sit, with an absolute CANCER in the office and the owners don’t know how evil he is and it makes me SICK because I haven’t even scratched the surface on being a witness to all the shenanigans this fucktard pulls, but my co-worker has. So I told the above co-worker that she needs to make a list of all the shit he’s pulled on her – mind games, taking her sales, undermining her authority with clients and the people she trains, dropping the ball on leads that clearly could have made this company money, and just plain being an asstard. Once she has this list, she needs to meet up with the owners and lay it on the line. They are already aware of him being more than jerkish about the way he interacts with her. I just don’t think that they understand the extent of damage this person could do to their business if he completely goes off the deep end.

I can’t possibly sit on this information for too long. Having managed this company for 8 months and it being the company that my Dad built for over 25 years…I can’t just sit back. I’m giving my co-worker some time to gather her information and I’ll ask her one time if she is, in fact, going to handle the situation…and if not…I’m going to deal with it. But I have to hold out faith that she will do what is right and do what needs to be done.

Jeezus. What a mess.



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