Crap. We’ve entered ‘boyfriend’ territory.

Jesus. And so it begins.

My sweet daughter. My first born. She has her first boyfriend. DAMMIT!

Look, we raised her right. She’s 15 now. We’re on the cusp of MANY firsts over the next two years. Driving, BOYFRIENDS, Kissing, Dates, First Jobs…there are more…but without that elusive HANDBOOK we all complain about not getting when we take the little floppy critters home, I have no idea what to do. All I can do is rely on my own teenage memories, that are foggy at best, thanks to a car accident when I was 19 that happened 3 days before I was married. YEAH! I WAS MARRIED AT 19! THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME, NOW IS IT?! Stay FOCUSED, people!

And here I sit…pouring out all of my fears in a blog post because I fear if I don’t at least write it out, I’ll die of an aneurysm, and a 15 year old needs to have her mother around, if at all possible. So, that’s the goal…write it all out and possibly throw this all out into the blogosphere so that perhaps you can share your nuggets of knowledge with a Mom who is about to probably make some mistakes, but who also will emerge triumphant when all is said and done. TRIUMPHANT! It’s not just a word in Christmas Songs.

We’ve had the boyfriend over a couple times for dinner, OBVIOUSLY to get to know him and so that he can find out, first hand, how AWESOME we are – as parents go…we’re pretty rad. Accepting. Funny. Sarcastic. And we can cook the HELL outta some food. So – twice. He’s been over twice for dinner. And there they sit, on our big red couch, holding hands and sitting side by side all cute. They don’t really talk to each other much. I think they do most of their conversing via text message and Facebook – they really need to work on their verbalization skills. I think most kids do these days, actually.

So…things are going well…he seems like a nice kid. Seems to like our daughter pretty well. And he came over TWICE, so we must not be TOTALLY lame to hang out with. Of course, if memory serves, he would have said yes to tagging along to the local Goodwill store if that meant he could hang out with our daughter for 5 minutes.

So, dear readers, let me have it. Your advice. Give it to me straight. Topics are: Teenage Daughters; Boyfriends of said, Teenage Daughters; Dating; Driving…you name it. I’m aaaaallllll eyes.


4 thoughts on “Crap. We’ve entered ‘boyfriend’ territory.

  1. christine says:

    Argh! My munchkin (and the subject of my blog, because I am positively kid-obsessed) turns four this weekend and this is the very post I imagine writing in about a decade. Persevere! If your panties are sassy, you surely have the tools to get you through this. Cheers!

    • sassypanties says:

      Ah, Christine! Happy Birthday to your little one and with any luck, I’ll share with you the trials and tribulations that this no-doubt exciting time of life will bring. Lucky for you, this is the mildest of my blog posts, so I didn’t taint you with my foul mouth…but I assure you, I may not be able to keep up the facade, so be prepared for some rather colorful posts as the months and years continue. I have a 10 year old daughter as well…I’ve only just begun this adventure. Thanks for reading AND commenting, my precious!

  2. MOM aka Mare says:

    Ahhh girl you know this job comes with on the job training and no 2 are the same even when they are in the same family.
    Thongs…the beginning of the Daddy tears.
    Birth Control….further raises the Daddy’s blood pressure when he hears us talking about it to the daughter.
    Remind the boyfriend of the Daddy’s awful arsenal of power tools.
    If the daughter goes out and your gut says she isn’t where she says she is insist on a picture message with proof she is where she says she is.
    If the boyfriend drives ask him questions about how many tickets if any and remind him you have friends all over and if he speeds with your kiddo…YOU WILL FIND OUT!
    I’ve used that one a few times and it’s amazing they respect you for it.
    Use the parent contract when she drives. Make her sign it and you also. It declares if there is ever a time she also begins to drink she will never ever drive drunk. She will call you for a ride with no repercussions. Remind her you will be grumpy so don’t talk on the way home. I’ve used this one with the 3 older ones and have gotten more than a few calls over the years. I’m okay with that…they are all alive and so are the innocent folks on the streets.
    Good luck …it’s one hell of a ride. Keep tissues and hide the weapons. First time her heart is broken it’s very tempting to hand out the whoop ass!

    • sassypanties says:

      I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thongs are unsanitary and not allowed…and SHE KNOWS IT! That’s the only one I can answer right now without my head exploding…so…yeah.

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