My Kindle Contents Would Embarass You

I downloaded Kindle on my iPhone. It’s been on there for about a year and I could never get to a point where I’d read anything other than “The” Facebook updates, but I knew at some point that I’d get into it.

Side tangent: Ever since I saw the movie Social Network, I’ve called Facebook, “The Facebook”. Also – ever since I had Scarlet Fever, I’ve called it “The Scarlet Fever”. Just wanted you to know I did that shit on purpose…in case it ever comes out in any subsequent blog posts.

I used to belong to an awesome blog site, but it’s since gone downhill and is still up and running, but the community that had been built there has long since dissipated. We’re all friends still on The Facebook, but I rarely read BLOGs anymore…it was a phase…I’m over it. Yet…I’ve been trying to jump onto the WordPress bandwagon and support a few writers here with my sarcastic comments. LUCKY. YOU.

SOOOOOOOO…back to my Kindle. If you were to open it up, you’d find a PLETHORA of trashy free romance books downloaded there. I seem to be only interested in the free ones right now…although, I’m almost done reading all the free ones that piqued my interest, so it may be almost time for me to start forking over the $.99 or the $.01 for the ones that aren’t COMPLETELY FREE, but probably should be. I also should probably raid my mothers closets for the ones she has had stashed in there since 1983.

I just read one about a 20=something girl that came from a wealthy family whose father was very abusive and she met a man in a club who turned out to be a P.I. and they made an instant connection. Turns out this dude worked for her Dad, and turned a job down that her Dad wanted him to do and her dad didn’t like that ONE IOTA…so he turned into arch enemy #1…not as steamy as some of the other stories that I’ve read recently…there was actually some back story to this one. Quite refreshing actually.

I’ve read some that are just down and dirty…kinda made me feel like I walked into one of those peephole nudey joints and got covered in some kind of slimeball and needed to take a shower when I got home…

Anyway…it’s been weighing heavily on my mind and I thought I should share it with you all because now I feel cleansed somehow. I should probably be embarrassed, but I don’t really give a shit…I just wanted to see if any of YOU were reading this trash and had any book suggestions.


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