You’re small…we get it.

I’m not a small person. I’m about 5’7″….I’m “fluffy” but can look slightly less so if I get gussied up to go somewhere…my black wardrobe is my friend.

I work with a girl who won’t shut the hell up about her stature and frame. It’s quite annoying and rather upsetting. Everything she talks about is how tiny she is and how she can’t do stuff or she’s sooooo busy.

It trickles in to the way she conducts herself with our clients, which are mainly phone contacts. We don’t do a lot of face-to-face with our clients. So she’s sure to explain to them that she’s only 4’10” and if a stiff breeze kicks up, she’s a goner.

She sneezes like a car alarm. She’s always prancing around here like she’s a queen bee. She calls everyone “honey” and “Honey bunny” like she’s making “Cute points” with everyone. The thing about the pet-names that drives me crazy is that it’s just sort of manipulative. She does it when she wants something from you. When she’s trying to get something in return.

I’ve dealt with people like this before and I tend to keep my guard up. She’s got a foul mouth – that’s about the only thing I find endearing about her. I like that part of her. She lets the FUCK BOMBS fly and I totally dig that. I’m a bit of a potty-mouth myself, in case you hadn’t noticed. But the thing is…there are a lot of road blocks she has to overcome in our office and if she doesn’t stop pulling out the “cute card” she’s never going to be taken seriously and there’s a particular person in this office who makes me want to VOMIT on a daily basis who is trying to pull power moves on her constantly and could affect the way she performs her job and she won’t quit playing cutie-games with him enough for her to be taken seriously – no matter how hard I try to point these things out to her and give her some truly FABULOUS advice on how to make her mark in the office and turn things around. She thinks it’s all a great idea and everything, but she won’t do any of it. So…she’s relying pretty heavily on this cute thing to work out for her.

Here’s the thing. Some people are just handed things because of the way they present themselves. I think she’s had a lot of that in her life. I, on the other hand, have my outgoing personality and my big brown eyes and my straight teeth going for me and that’s about it.

So yeah, today is a bitch session because I don’t weigh 105 lbs and stand at a whopping 4’10” and sneeze like a fucking car alarm. It’s a bitch session because anything I have, I’ve worked damn hard for. It’s a bitch session because I’ll never be handed something because I’m cute or overly pleasing to the eye. And yes, there’s SOME satisfaction to that, but at the same time, it feels like everything I do is a struggle sometimes and just once, I’d like something to fall into my lap that I didn’t have to battle for…You’re small…we get it.


One thought on “You’re small…we get it.

  1. Fristal Ann says:

    Ew. I totally pictured this lady prancing around my office. It made me want to find you and loan you a hunting rifle. I am short, not as short as your office bunny rabbit, but I have had to prove myself so people will take me seriously. I have to act tougher and can’t use words like “Hunny Bunny” unless I am trying to make myself gag. It worked, people take me seriously. One day she will realise what’s going on here, cute will only take you far if you work in a strip club.

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