TIPS: How *not* to get your blog “Freshly Pressed”

Hey Ya’ll,

So, I am in NO WAY trying to get my blog on the “Freshly Pressed” page WHATSOEVER…let’s just make that abundantly clear. Not that they’d have me anyway…something tells me that my humble little blog lacks…oh…substance? Nah, it’s certainly got that. Maybe it’s not in what it lacks that’s the problem…perhaps it’s what it CONTAINS that would better explain why it’s not Freshly Pressed material.

Profanity. There. Now you know.

I like to type out the word FUCK a lot. Like, A LOT, A LOT! And I while I realize I’m not taking the most intellectual approach to my writing, my comfort lies in the fact that I could…if I wanted to…but I don’t. There’s just something about that word that makes people know you mean business. Do not get me wrong, it has it’s place. Recently I was in Maui and after making a stop at a place to snorkel, there were some locals taking off their “gear” at a truck near the beach. EVERY. OTHER. WORD. WAS. FUCK. – that’s not what I’m talking about.

Sometimes you say it because it’s honestly and TRULY the only word that fits that situation. Or you say it because you are making a point to someone and you want them to know you’re not messin around.

Is any of this going to keep me from using an F-bomb or two or dozen in my blog? Nope. Does it mean I’m going to cut back on the profanity in my blog? Nope.

So FRESHLY PRESSED BE DAMNED…this is my blog and I’ll say fuck if I want to. Good day to you. I. SAID. GOOD. DAY!!!!!


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