Me – in a damn nutshell

Hey Ya’ll,

I have a friend, who I love DEARLY, but she’s the main reason I wanted to start this blog, well, that and a few other reasons. Most of which I plan on completely ragging about – I wanted a place that I could vent and perhaps share my snarkiness with the world, yet keep it REALLY anonymous, because…why? I’m a spineless bastard with a HEART OF DAMN GOLD, that’s why!

As much as I totally and ridiculously COMPLETELY love these people in my life and would throw myself in front of a speeding turtle if they needed me to – not the snapping kind – that would just be silly…I wanted a place that I could rant and rave and piss and moan and just get out all of my frustrations.

I’m a wife, mother, friend, employee, co-worker and blogger. None of which I claim to be very good at, but all of which keep people coming back for more. Maybe they are the problem and it’s not. just. me. Yeah…I mean, I wouldn’t be this way if they wouldn’t keep taunting me with material, right?

Anyway – if you’re still reading, and I must ASSUME that you are, I hope you like sarcasm. Because this blog will be dripping with it. Now, go ahead and look over to the right and subscribe to my blog. You may or may not be glad you did. Otherwise, just forget the whole damn thing, m’kay?


One thought on “Me – in a damn nutshell

  1. Missy Take says:

    I just started a blog on here as well, for the exact same reason! Nice to see I’m not alone feeling this need to vent, etc.

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